Profile Story Michael Sledge

One of Sledge's most intriguing subject about weather to study.

One of Sledge’s most intriguing subject about weather to study.

Michael Sledge Profile Story

By: Taylor Cunningham

            Michael Sledge is a freshman; he is in the Mass Communications specialty center at Manchester High School. Sledge as a passion for weather and is fascinated by it. Sledge likes whether but as no definite reason why he likes whether he just is interested by it.

Sledge would like to be a meteorologist one day figures out what weather is doing and what is it going to do, not the person on the TV, being the guy that. He is working to be a meteorologist and learning more and more about weather every day.

He watches the Weather Channel, to expand knowledge. Also he has weather books around his house; he reads and studies them to learn weather.

Sledge  also can predict tell what weather can do. Michael chose the Mass Comm specialty center for a reason. He knew it would help him advance his skills in technology and also in working with people. Sledge has look into colleges programs for whether, he says Penn State has one of the better one in the nation.

Sledge’s favorite whether to learn about is the server whether, the hurricanes, the thunderstorms, and tornadoes for an example.

Sledge favorite time of year is the winter. His likes the snow and the cold freezing whether.  Sledge would love to be a national meteorologist but he says being a local meteorologist would be more than fine. Sledge says his parents are very supportive to him and want him to do it.

Sledge goes on the internet to search weather to search for facts and stats about weather, he also as a weather app to find about weather anytime. Sledge started being interesting in weather around the second grade. Sledge likes whether and hopes to pursue a career path in weather.


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